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If you, like us leave your New Year’s Eve plans until the very last minute and subject yourself to a host of pre-celebratory anxiety. What should you wear? Where should you visit? Just how many resolutions do you set for yourself?

What’s the solution I hear you wondering, well that solution is getting you spend your New Year in Russia. Yes, Russia, and here’s why:

  1. You’ll come back to a hero’s welcome

The odds of any of your friend spending their New Year in Russia are extremely low, well, apart from friends you may travel with. This friendless vacation wouldn’t be a negative though as it’ll leave you free to explore the vast and magical land of adventure.

After all that is done, you’ll come back home and find yourself the talk of the town.


Why wouldn’t you be? After all, you choose being part of Suzdal’s traditional Russian feasts in Russia’s legendary Golden ring over the same-old boring dinner-drinks-dance-drinks routine. Everyone would be clamoring to hear your tale.

     2. Russians go absolutely crazy for New Years

Russia’s favorite holiday is the New Year and the local’s acts like the hosts they are to ensure you have the very best of time as a guest in their illustrious land. It is the biggest festive period of the year and all the town and cities will be literally swarming in impressive light ornamentation. If you so desire, you can watch the Nutcracker every single night of your stay as the New Year is also theater season.

You know what the best part is? Russians get to celebrate New Year twice!!

They changed to the Gregorian from the Julian calendar, so they get two New Year celebrations – one on 1st January and another on 14th January

3.  You’ll visit the home of Russian Santa

Russia has its own Santa Claus – DedMoroz – and VelikyUstyug is his home.Entering it is like entering a real-life fairytale: you’ll hear the Disney theme tune in the air as you tour the place with, legends and myths flickering in the air, classic wooden houses covered in snow, pure magic. What’s more, youget to tour DedMoroz’ home in all its beauty. Like we said above, you’ll be the talk of the town.

home of Russian Santa
  1. Russia’s unique Overnight trains

Instead of rushing to catch a bus, hailing a cab or braving the hellish traffic that goes with the season, you can relax and unwind in Russia overnight trains. What’s unique about these trains? Well, nothing but the fact that it is acceptable to sip your Vodka on trains with strangers (if you make take said vodka in your own compartment of course). And when you arrive at your destination, (St. Petersburg), you’ll be treated to a pancakes and tea party and pancakes with the locals.

     5. You’ll be amongst of the first people to witness Russia’s unique New Year landmarks

The Kremlin, Old Church Slavonic, Moscow’s Red Square, St. Basils Cathedral – you’ll be amongst the first tourists to see these incredible Russian icons in the new year.

st. petersburg savior of spilt blood chruch
  1. Enjoy Christmas twice!

If you decide to go to Russia for your holidays, you’ll not only get to experience New Year celebrations twice, you’ll also get to celebrate Christmas twice too!

That’s right, twice!, not once or once-and-a-half.

Russian’s Orthodox Christmas is celebratedon 7th January, which means you get two full weeks to get over the first Christmas before the second one comes around.


   7. Get a head start on all the New Year’s resolutions

A lot of people’s new year resolution contain things like; “have an awesome adventure”, “visit the Kremlin”, ”carpe diem”, “eat ice cream in minus temperatures”, “drink Vodka with locals in Russia”, “have Christmas twice”, “get an overnight train in Russia”, “visit Santa’s home”, most have simple plain “visit Russia”. You get to tick off all of these on the very first few days of the New Year when you spend your New Year in Russia.

So, you not only get to experience a great New Year’s adventure you’ll not forget, you also get a head start on everybody next year goals. You’re amazing you!

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