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First Impressions: An Indian in St. Petersburg

When I say that Russia is a place to see during winter, they say :”Too cold, windy,etc.” RUSSIA TOUR OPERATOR IN INDIA “proposed me a February trip to Saint-Petersburg last year. Honestly, there are some fine reasons to visit Saint-Petersburg this time.
First of all, low tourist season reduces the price of air and train tickets to St. Petersburg and also increases available rooms in hotels . You don’t need to be in a hurry and book the first option. I had enough time to plan my TRIP TO RUSSIA FROM INDIA and chose a 4-star hotel in the center near Kazansky cathedral – the main religious establishment and the most beautiful piece of art I’ve ever seen.

First Impressions: An Indian in St. Petersburg

Secondly, there are no crowds of tourists. I f you want to enjoy the expositions of the main museums, you won’t see a huge line of people. Moreover, who cares how cold it is outside, if you look at the masterpieces of the Hermitage or surf the literary-memorial museum of Dostoevsky?  Only to prevent your HOLIDAYS DESTINATIONS RUSSIA from failure, it is necessary to keep an eye on school holidays schedule, because the timetable of museums may differ.

Finally, the hundreds of theatres are closed for vacation within summer time. But fall-winter are premier seasons of high-profile dramas, operas and festivals. It’s better to think in advance about tickets to Mariinsky, Mikhailovskiy, Alexandrovskiy and Big Drama theatres.  Nevertheless, there is a plenty of other great theatres and art-studios, such as Small Drama Theatre, On.Theatre, Music Hall on Gorkovskaya street and music theatre “Dolls”. MICE TRAVEL COMPANIES IN DELHI will be glad to provide you with affiche and price range.  In conclusion I want to say, that my first impression of St. Petersburg was surprisingly touching. I was amazed by open-hearted people, natural beauty and snow miracle or historical buildings and monuments. As you can see, VISIT RUSSIA FROM INDIA can be unforgettable even in winter!

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