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St Petersburg has got the mind of the people of Indians at heart for being one of their best patronizes. As a result of this, St Petersburg has some wonderful packages for those traveling to Russia from India. It is sight eyes have never beheld that will leave your mouth totally hanging open.

Do you have a loved one you want to surprise and show how much you love? Worry not, we have got you covered on the trip as a Russian tourist. There is also the Russia vacation package for that trip you have planned all your life. You can pick up your visa and travel to these beautiful locations, relax and unwind, enjoy nature at its peak and return glowing like never before. Perfect  opportunity to maximize the odds of rekindling your lovelife by taking her breath away at these locations.

  1. Moscow City – a baller’s view
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The view of this Russia destination could be seen from the highest skyscrapers in Moscow City, Russia’s capital; which is just to the west of the city center. Now if you are planning a vacation with the love of your life, this is the perfect Russian vacation getaway.  You can enjoy lots of sizzling kisses with your partner as with the wind running through her hair. This is pure bliss, even the massive sign on the deck even reads “Выше только любовь” (“Only love is above”) – this place was made for lovebirds.

2. Suzdal – tranquil history

One of the St Petersburg destination packages is this place. It is located at about 250 km from Moscow not far from the capital. This Golden Ring town which charms the heart and leaves you asking for more is the perfect place to travel to for the weekend, from India. With its lattice of unpaved paths, rustic wooden structures and Imperial-era monasteries, it’s a tranquil getaway for who might wish to rest from their busy lives

  1. St. Petersburg’s Bridge of Kisses – lips locked for eternity
hermitage visit russia 1
White night petersburg

The Venice of the North’s answer to the Pont de l’Archevêché is covered in padlocks of love, and sports an awesome view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This is a very popular place among newlyweds and there is a myth about it. It is said that the longer you kiss someone at this location, the longer you will stay with him/her. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy one of the best tours of Russia and steal as many kisses as you want. You might just get your forever.

4. Lake Elton – Earth’s edge

This location is superb. It is Europe’s largest saltwater lake and one of the most blissful places on earth. Its bliss rubs off on you an its clear surface has no flow. I’m sure you can guess what that means; the lake is as still as it is mesmerizing. Hurry with your Russian tourist visa and be of the first people to be there

5. Peterhof

You can start off your vacation in grand style with a boat trip to the Russian Versailles, very close to St. Petersburg. Although it is a little overcrowded with tourists in the summer, the palace’s grounds offer many secluded fountains and hideouts, like the stunning Olgin Pond. Best place to have the time of your life.

  1. Patriarch Ponds, Moscow – the place-to-be that oozes romance

This holiday destination oozes romance. It is a place of Satan’s appearance in Bulgakov’s. It has a lot of interesting features like the Master and Margarita which is now Moscow’s most trendy area; a bit similar to Chelsea in London. The pond at its center is a year-round, weather-resistant romantic hotspot with stunning views giving you the option of chilling out in one of the many top-drawer bars and restaurants in the neighborhood.

  1. Ride a hot air balloon from Moscow’s suburbs

Although this is not a location per se, it is one of the things you can do to pass time and have fun while vacating. This is more fun especially if you are enjoying the vacation with someone else, like your wife or girlfriend. It would blow her mind and might be a bit of a giveaway when the “surprise” you bring your other half to turns out to be a heart-shaped hot air balloon. The thrill will be nothing next to none. Again if  you think you can totally pull it off without faltering, then this is surely one of the most romantic places to vacate. Thanks to Russia vacation packages.

Hot Ballon
  1. Chara Sands, Siberia – the Russian desert

Who would have thought that there was a desert right in the heart of Siberia? I know right? This Russian destination beauty is a secluded island of dunes and eternal sunsets. The desert is small enough to allow the trees and mountains that surround it to add flavor to your vacation treat.

  1. Swan Lake, Astrakhan

Another great location on the list of best tours provided by St Petersburg is this Caspian capital. It is an automatic answer to Patriarch Ponds exactly like a home to swans and beautiful creatures alike. This destination is perfect for a summer picnic or a nighttime stroll; which lots of Indian couples would enjoy.

  1. Tavrichesky Orangery, St. Petersburg – the timeless park of endless summer nights

The name of this location alone paints a lot of mental pictures for the mind. You cannot resist the aura this place sends off This stunning green paradise attracts tourists from all over the world  all year round. It is a secluded spot among the tropical plants under the glass dome, endless hills, glimmering lakes, and Imperial architecture. Beautiful place it is.

Tavrichesky Orangery, St. Petersburg
  1. Valaam Archipelago – where the spirits are on your side

This location is surrounded by holy islands in Lake Ladoga. They are mostly known as the setting for religious pilgrimages to the monastery, however the peace and mysticism of their rocky shores, pine forests, azure waters, and misty sunsets also attracts those looking to leave the noisy world behind and bask in some tranquility. A summertime Russian package vacation enjoying the shimmering blue of Lake Ladoga is always hard to come by.

  1. Sochi Arboretum – the flower jungle

When you talk about best tours to Russia, this is one of the places that comes to mind. It is definitely Russia’s answer to ‘Nice will never go out of fashion’ as a romantic hotspot. What could be more romantic than the warmth and freshness of the Black Sea air? Any idea? Smiles The hot pebbled beaches are a natural vacation spot so make the best of it.

  1. Lagonaki Plateau – boundless Caucasian plains

The plains of the Caucasian biosphere reserve offer unparalleled peace and serenity – the 150 rubles ($2.40) you pay to access the plateau are tickets to another world of rolling alpine meadows, boxwood groves, and translucent streams. These are all yours to indulge in.

  1. Lake Seliger – lake islands and fires

This blissful Russia package destination between Moscow and St. Petersburg consists of a lot of lakes and bays. You will spend the day lakeside enjoying sandy beaches and crackling fires, you would lose yourself in the moment.

  1. Moscow River cruise – watch the sun set over the capital

Sunset is a very beautiful thing to watch. Some people have been known not to miss a single sunset. If you are one of them, this destination is perfect for you. It has many cruise companies touring the Moscow River. The classiest of all is the Radisson cruise, which allows you have a top-drawer meal while you watch the sun set. Could life be more interesting?

  1. Maliy Semyachik acid lake, Kamchatka – on top of the world

This is the last but definitely not the least in the list of the best destinations. It’s former freshwater crater-turned active acidic volcano boasts some of the most breathtaking views in all of Russia.

I am certain you would want to be a part of this. Life always has a way of throwing stress factors at us which is not abnormal. What will be abnormal is when you don’t find a way to relieve the stress. We come in here to take your mind off things, relax, cool off and have some nice bonding with your friends and loved ones.

Meanwhile you can easily travel from India, just get your visa ready and enjoy the best tours to Russia. St. Peterburg offers are superb and lurable. It is totally your right to be happy. You might just release the inner tourist in you and turn into a lifetime tourist.

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