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Velikiy Novgorod

One of the most ancient cities of Russia

Novgorod is a proud and beautiful city, known as the ‘Birthplace of Russia’, and the most popular town in the Western European Russia region. 

Ancient Russian City, founded in the 9-10 centuries

Velikiy Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod, one of the most ancient cities of Russia, was founded in the 9-10 centuries. Throughout many centuries, Novgorod was a political center of vast territories stretching up from Baltic lands to the Urals Mountains. For a long time, Veliky Novgorod had been the largest center of culture in Russia, where chronicles, books, hagiographies, deductive literature were created. Many outstanding monuments of medieval architecture and painting including old churches, temples, and cathedrals have been preserved in the city. The outdoor Vitoslavlitsy museum of wooden architecture presents some excellent examples of wooden structures from different parts and suburbs of Novgorod. The visit to Novgorod helps to get acquainted with the everyday life of the Russian people, who lived on the territory of Novgorod principality at different times.

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