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10 Activities that will blow your Children’s minds on Adventure Travel Packages in Russia

This article is here to save the day. Are you confused on what to do with your children when you travel from India to Russia for our adventure packages? Worry not, this will give you some ideas what to do with your children while enjoying the luxury travel package in Russia.

They are all ideas recommended by the Children in Russia online guide, so trust that your children will love it. We have got a lot of Indoor activities for children in Russia so you do not have to worry about taking them out, it is an all inclusive package we have here. They include:

  1. Arlekino

This is a very new and renovated multi-level supervised play centre. It is not just an ordinary play centre, it has in it  trampolines, slides, video games, music and what have you. Again,  it is open from 13h00 to 22h00 every day, giving your children the perfect opportunity to enjoy every single moment spent in Russia.

The entrance fee is something anybody can afford, it is just 500 Ruppees per child and 50 ruppees per adult. Their safety is also our concern as we have babysitters and aome organised entertainment which are readily available for their fun day. Communication won’t even be a problem as some of the personnel that work there speak English.

  1. Fantasy Park

On the same plate, we have the fantasy park. This would provide the best fantasy world for your children which is something they have not seen anywhere including India. Now this complex has four floors of activities which includes a multi-storey play area Africa, a 3-D cinema, bowling, a real steam train, laser shooting, roller skating, an evening disco to mention a few. The perk of this fantasy park is that entrance is free because st. Petersburg Russia tours believes every child is entitled to some fantasy. However, there is a fee for each activity varying from 30Ruppees to 120, totally fun for all ages!

Fantasy Park
  1. Happylon

This is an indoor game for your older children. It is an entertainment centre for children older than two years. Some of its features are a four storey labyrinth, a 5D cinema, carousel rides, racing cars, Adrenalin ride and an indoor roller coaster. Parties are also organised here and like the fantasy park,  entrance for this is free. Again, when you want to pay for attractions, you can us a Happylon card and tokens. The costs per attraction are between RUB 40-300.

Happylon moscow
  1. Jungle Club

The last on our list of indoor games is a Children’s club with a multi-level play area and ball pit. The Jungle club is featured to have a bowling area, arcades, snooker/pool tables and karaoke. Surprisingly too, there is a Cafe-bar for your thirst. The prices to be paid for attraction are between RUB 150-500 and opening times are on Monday 13:00-21:00, then from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-21:00.

Theatres and museums for children in Russia

Apart from the indoor activities, Russia travel package also has theatres and museums where you and your children can take a tour and have a look at artifacts, rare paintings and beautiful works of art. On the list, we have:

  1. Dolphinarium

Performances here varies a lot. The time for Wednesdays and Fridays is 12h00, 16:00 and 18h00. Then on Thurdays the time is 16h00and 18h00, finally on Saturday and Sunday 12h00, 14h00 & 16h00. These are opening times for each day. The performance to be enjoyed on each day lasts for around one hour and tickets can be bought on the spot. However the office is open from 11:00 to 18:00 daily. The prices are between RUB 200 and 300 but the good part of it is that your children under six can enter free of charge.

  1. Durov Animal Theatre

This theatre was founded by Vladimir Durov who in his wisdom believed that animals should be allowed to perform at their leisure. The theatre has been absolutely the children’s favourite for generations and generations of people who have toured the place. In it, there is also a Museum and the famous Mouse Railway Show in which mice ride on a train made by Durov, this will totally fascinate your children. You should also know this, booking is recommended.

  1. Museum of Cosmonautics

Some of us have very imaginative kids and if your children are very much interested in space travel, then this is definitely the place for them to go. It is located under the Space Obelisk which means “To the Conquerors of Space”. The museum went under massive renovation and was expanded a few years ago. Your children will have enough to keep them on their toes like the space food, space suits to lunar landings and satellites. There is also a walk-through spaceship and a life-size model of the MIR space station. Entrance for this is RUB 100 and to take pictures you pay RUB 200. The museum has its opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 to 18.

Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow, Russia

Outdoor activities for children in Russia

Are your children the type that easily get bored of indoor activities, worry not we also got them covered. Russia tours has some outdoor activities for them so they can enjoy like other children. We have:

  1. Bittsevskiy Lecopark

If you are planning to visit Russia from India during winter, then this package is for you. It is because this park is awesome for sledging during wintertime and nice for walks all year round. It also has two ponds to enjoy its view, and during the summer there are multiple activities available to indulge in. There are spots for volleyball, badminton and rowing which are readily available. There is also a beach area and a possibility to rent bicycles. Your older children can cycle around town and enjoy the environment.

  1. Gorky Park (Park Kultury)

Gorky Park is a very interesting park. It is a cultural and leisure park which also has an amusement park in it. It is very centrally located and entrance to the park is RUB 80 for adults and 20 for children. However there are extra costs for the amusement park and fun fairs. Boating is popular in the summer and so is ice-skating around the park during the winter so these activities are theirs to enjoy. The park is open from 10h00 to 22h00.

Gorky Park

3. Zoo-park

The Zoo-park is the oldest Zoo in Europe and it was established in 1864. It is a zoo combined with a fun fair to give your children the perfect fun day in Russia. The park is very large, but usually very crowded at the weekends, especially during the summer to tell you how much kids enjoy it. The entrance fee is between RUB 50-150 but for children under seven, it is free for them. The Zoo-park is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h00 to 17h00  in winter and from 10h00 to 20h00 in summer.

St Petersburg Russia tours are always at the top of their game to think things through. Having children should not deter you from having your vacation, you can come with them and have them enjoy these activities. Yaaaaaaaaay to family vacations in Russia from India.

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