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Best Russian Tourist Attractions For Indians

Having a trip from India to Russia is one of the best adventures you can gift yourself as a human. Russia is a place with best packages which will make your travel from India tour-worthwhile. The beautiful city gives you st. Petersburg Russia tours and trans Siberian railway tours you just can’t afford to miss.

While having the St. Petersburg tour, you will be opportune the amazing five main cathedrals therein. The first is the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral which is the royal burial vault and the city’s talisman. Interesting right? This cathedral alone would incite you to visit Russia from India more often because of its perks. One of many is that at midnight and at noon, the carillon on the cathedral belfry chimes the national hymn, and in the summer, carillon concerts are held in the square in front of the cathedral. This gives you the feeling of heaven.


The other cathedrals at St. Petersburg includes:

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ on Spilled Blood.

Christ on Spilled Blood

-St. Isaac’s Cathedral: The city’s best panorama point.Saint Isaac's Cathedral. St. Petersburg. Russia.

-Kazan Cathedral: The sacred stronghold of Orthodox Christianity framed with Vatican-style columns; and lastly we have,


– Smolny Cathedral: A chameleon of a temple, but beautiful from any angle.

Smolny Cathedral

One spectacular quality of these cathedrals is that from close perusal, they are all gigantic structures with awesome sights, the word beautiful does not just cut it. You can take lovely pictures for memories at each of the Cathedrals and make wishes which have been known to come true most times.

So are you looking for a place to have the best time of your life, worthy of your money and the vibe for tourism? Take a trip to Russia.

Did I mention that the Smolny Cathedral is one of the top wedding photo locations for St. Petersburg couples? Well, it is and you know what that means? You can use a stone and kill two birds. Thus, you can have your wedding at the location and enjoy the best tours in Russia.


Moreover, combining your wedding with hope of getting awesome pictures that will leave a smile on your face for a lifetime, and visiting Russia especially from India is highly cost-effective.

The trans Siberian railway is another beautiful sight to behold, which you will use while taking a trip from India to Russia. A railway is like no other giving you the best feelings.

What are you waiting for? Looking for a place to hangout and your with your Indian friends and family? Look no further, just visit Russia from India.

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