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Best Time to Travel to Russia amid 2018 FIFA World Cup

As the opening day of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia approaches, it’s vital to have a daily agenda for the cities hosting the championships. Today, we begin with Russia’s capital, which dependably has had much to offer visitors from India and the world at large, and 2018 is no exception

There are certainly a lot of places which you can visit when you’re on holiday, but one of the most enchanting countries you could ever go to is Russia

The principle goals for those visiting Moscow amid the World Cup are very self-evident – Luzhniki Stadium and Otkrytiye Arena – both of which will have the matches. In any case, assuming that numerous individuals won’t delay to explore the glorious capital apart from the hotel-stadium-hotel route, we might want to bring up that there are numerous intriguing things you can do in Moscow.

Below are places Indians should visit in Russia and why Russia is the best holiday destination. Here we go.

See the city’s new face lift                                                                                                            

Moscow Street

Lately, Moscow has changed to the point of being indistinguishable. There are more pedestrian-friendly areas focal roads, for example, Tverskaya and Novy Arbat, have more extensive walkways and are significantly more agreeable for strolling. Today, Moscow, from the Kremlin to the Garden Ring that circumvents the downtown area, is the ideal place for simply wandering and enjoying a bright day.

A Decent point from which to start your walk is the new Zaryadye Park a short distance from the Kremlin. Its novel idea incorporates four distinctive climatic zones (recreated artificially), a “flooting bridge”over the Moskva River, and a philharmonic. It’s much worth a visit– simply look at these photos.

History and Art                                                                                                                                    


The new and old coexist everywhere in Moscow. In this way, after visiting Zaryadye it’s normal to cross the road and find yourself in Red Square, which has St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State Historical Museum, Soviet and Imperial period statues, and Lenin’s Mausoleum. All have their own particular unconventional story, so it’s a smart idea to embark on a moscow tour package from india.

The same applies to the Kremlin, the hundreds of years old fortress of Russian rulers. You likewise need to purchase tickets, however it’s totally justified, despite all the trouble. Where else would you be able to see the fortunes of the Russian tsars, which are kept in the Kremlin Armory?

Moscow’s incredible galleries aren’t restricted to the Kremlin and Red Square. The State Tretyakov Gallery, the main Russian archive of national artistic work is additionally an unquestionable requirement, and also the State Pushkin Museum on Volkhonka Street. However, recall – the collections in these historical centers are huge so a visit can take a couple of hours.

Spend time in Moscow parks                                                                                                      


Beside Zaryadye, Moscow has a great deal to offer for those  enjoying a walk in the park. Quite a while prior, city experts moved Gorky Park toward a world renowned hub for adolescents with offices going from an  from an open-air cinema and a museum of contemporary art, to sport centers and dance floors, not to mention zillions of cafes.. The generally swarmed Gorky Park prompts more tranquil spots – Neskuchny Garden and Sparrow Hills – where one can wander unobtrusively, listening to the whispers of Russia’s normal magnificence. Another incredible place in the middle, over the road from Gorky Park, is Muzeon Park with its gigantic accumulation of old Soviet landmarks.


The opportunity to observe this 12-million tenant city from a bird’s-eye see is without a doubt a remarkable affair, particularly when the climate is magnificent. There are a few places in Moscow from where you can do this. To start with, Ostankino TV Tower – the well-seen, needle-like working in the upper east. Here is an itemized direction on the most proficient method to arrive. At that point, Moscow City has two skyscrapers with viewing platforms on the 58th and 87th floors, individually.

The absolute classic is the lookout on Sparrow Hills, where the whole center of Moscow, three of the seven “Stalin’s Sisters” skyscrapers, Luzhniki and Moscow City, are set before you. Almost anyone visiting Moscow for the first time must come here.

Go Beneath                                                                                                                                        

moscow metro

here’s one excellent Moscow destination that can’t be seen from a viewing platform– the Moscow metro.Is more than a transportation framework, its numerous stations, particularly in the inside, take after castles and is recorded as a feature of the national cultural heritage.

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