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Moscow Metro- Ride which was nostalgic !

First time I entered in Moscow metro in the month of November, 1991, I had travelled after my student days (since 1991-1998) in Moscow Metro Network rarely, but last week my experience was amazing when I explored changes in metro which changed my whole perception and I would like to share some bytes of the same. Lot of metro station has opened information centers for passengers, stations information  on announcement display is in English/Russian language and so the announcement, maps of each line and metro network has names of all stations in English language. Addition of it-Troika card system to pay for metro rides has made travel simple and economical for all types of passengers.

Most important, all new introductions have made metro tourist friendly,now for them its efficient way to travel and explore Moscow. Moscow Metro has  introduced application by the name of mosmetro, where you can find about distances, routes and other information.

moscow metro

Moscow (Russian) metro is the only metro I know where you pay for no. of rides, not for the distance travelled. Moscow metro is the only metro I know, which is rich in historical art, architecture and  technology of ventilation, inter-station connecting tunnels, lights and lamps, escalators, exit-entry controls, heating system this all have excellence till today’s time when these are in use from old times.

We highly recommend that you use Moscow Metro to travel and application to use it.

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