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Moscow Metro: Underground Monument of Architecture

The Moscow Metro, in itself is a spectacle to experience. The busiest metro system outside Asia and the 5th longest in the world, the Moscow Metro boasts of its cultural extravagance and timely arrivals. It is a state owned public transport system with an average of over 7 million daily passengers.


The first line opened up in 1935, built in the time of Stalin and created a ripple effect, affecting various other aspects of Russian economy. Being the most beautiful subway in the world, it holds massive cultural significance with 44 of its stations named cultural heritage sites. The tube stations resemble walkway in a castle with large gleaming pillars and glittering lights. Forget benches, here on the Moscow Metro stations you sit on marble while waiting for your train!


Most of the Moscow Metro is underground with tracks going as deep as 243 feet making it one of the world’s deepest subways. The reason behind this feature is also of major historical significance. During the World War II, deeper tracks and stations were built to avoid airstrikes and keep people safe. It also holds the impressive world record for on-time arrivals and departures, which directly display the punctuality and values of the Russian people. It is also the first metro system in Europe to fully implement contactless smart cards providing ease in commute to daily passengers. In addition, the Russian government provides ‘social cards’ to the elderly, which includes perks like free access to public transport including the Moscow metro, thus positively affecting the society and honoring its people.


It promoted industrialization by creating a demand for steel to manufacture train equipment and tracks during a time when the country was majorly agro-based. It enhanced public mobilization and travelling around the city became far easier and more accessible for the people of Moscow. As a result of Sochi Olympics 2014, Moscow Metro stepped forward and joined hands to make the people aware and health conscious. Vending machines around the city gave away free tickets to travellers in exchange for 30 squats.


The Moscow Metro system contributes immensely to the cultural heritage of historic Russia and its architecture. As far as the contemporary culture is concerned, the Metro takes care of that as well by organizing underground concerts every May 15 to commemorate the subway’s anniversary. The architectural extravagance of the metro is indeed a spectacle to witness and truly a treat to the passengers.

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