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Russia- Honeymoon destination

In 2013, St. Petersburg became one of the top twenty tourist destinations and most exotic holiday destination in Europe   as per many travel sites it is known as the most romantic city in Russia and continues to be picked as a honeymoon destination by tourists from around the world. Read on to discover Russia through the eyes of a newly married Indian couple on their first trip to Russia.


We didn’t need to think twice before finalizing Russia as our honeymoon destination. Situated on the Gulf of Finland and during the prime White Nights festivalit is truly the perfect place to celebrate love.


I married my husband in an elaborate ceremony in India and a luxurious honeymoon was mandatory to follow it. Though we had been together for almost 8 years, commencing married life was still a drastic life change for the two of us and we had to kickstart it with a bang.


Russia was just the thing we needed to serve that purpose. Love was in the skies of St. Petersburg, it felt almost supernatural the way the sun never fully set in the city just like the way our love couldn’t fade out for as long as the two of us breathe. And I was glad I had him by my side when I witnessed this city because one can go anywhere in the world and still feel as secure as home when they are with the one you love and Russia became the first of many of those places that we painted with memories of us.We took strolls and pictures on the banks of Neva River during the day with ice creams and watermelons and at night, got into full Russian spirit by trying to chug Russian vodka.


Also, the concept of cocktails-on-the-go was something we couldn’t give a miss. The locals were elated beyond limits at Mariinsky Theatre during the ballet and opera shows and celebrated the White Nights festival in full swing. On one such night, my husband surprised me with dinner on a cruise as we watched the bridge separate the city into two parts and raised toasts to our marriage.


Next day we navigated the Hermitage Museum and adored the palatial architecture and grandeur of the place. The Summer Gardens outside are a spectacle as well along with its white marble statues and fountains and adorned with beautiful flowers of all colours on all sides.


I am so glad Russia happened to us in this way. The picturesque landscapes and cultural extravaganza completely blew our minds. Thanks to Visit Russia for taking such good care of all our requirements and arranging a wonderful honeymoon for us and to my husband for the amazing company he is, in every journey of life!

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