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Museums are known as the windows of the world of culture and history and rightly so because a museum is a place where immeasurable knowledge can be extracted from a single four-walled structure. They are used as a source of imparting knowledge to the community about the heritage of the country and the ways of the world. Russia is particularly known for its notable museums and their remarkable architecture. Following are some must visits on your next trip to Russia from India.

State Hermitage, St. Petersburg


The State Hermitage is known for being one of the largest and the oldest museums of the world spreading over five interconnected buildings and boasts of almost three million items in its extravagant collection for display to the public. Spectacular state rooms with statues on pedestals, full length portraits, grand chandeliers and war gallery, all reek of imperial glory and military might of the Russian empire.Even the exteriors of the museum, particularly the Great Courtyard charm you with shady trees and fountains all around and make it an irresistible location when you visit Russia from India.

Museum of Political History of Russia (St. Petersburg)


This museum holds immense significance in the history of Russia relating to its political aspectcontaining over 500,000 objects in display, depicting the political and social aspects of the former USSR. It contains classic components in elaborate detail of the political scenario of the country right up to the modern times. The museum was briefly transformed into the office of Lenin in early 20th century, which has now been converted into a memorial room.

Moscow Kremlin Museum


The Kremlin Museum houses more than 4000 unique exhibits and is one of the most modern museums one can find in Russia since major additions to it were made in the 1990s and early 21st Century. It is also one of the most easily accessible museums by tourists since it has a majority of labels in English language rather than Russia and is a must visit for its immaculate display of Russian architecture, craftsmanship and impressive weapons.

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


This gallery consists of over 170,000 masterpieces of Russian artists as well as a fraction of foreign artists and founded in the late 1800s. It is a world famous museum known for its display of paintings, sculptures and drawings of talented artists, dating as long as a thousand years old and is a treat to the art lover. The most recent change made to the Gallery was in the 1990s when it was merged with the museum of contemporary art. It is a display of the collector Tretyakov’s impeccable taste and choice in detecting a masterpiece and his dedication towards their collection. Hence, he was highly respected for that in the Russian society and adds to the glory of the museum.

State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg


This museum is a rare spectacle since its founder was actually the last emperor of Russia, Nicholas II. It was foundedto commemorate his father who was the collector of these paintings.The museum comprises of over 400,000 artwork covering the history of Russian art beginning from the 11th Century up to the contemporary times. The Summer Garden and the Mikhailovsky Garden are also a part of the premises of this museum, which are popular holiday destinations in  St. Petersburg, Russia. The museum’s buildings are a spectacular display of the 18th and 19th Century architecture as well. Additionally, the museum also focuses on restoration and preservation of artwork.

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