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Russia Travel Experience

Before plan your   trip to Russia from India, you need to get acquaintance with the main rules and specific cultural ways of behavior. Below you are to find some useful trips for travelling in Russia.

1-Weather peculiarities

During winter season it’s necessary to wear warm shoes with good traction, because it prevents you from slippery roads and deep snowdrifts. For Indians travelling to Russia this point might be crucial, e.g in Moscow or Kazan it’s difficult to walk across icy streets.  Plan your stay appropriate within seasonal holiday destination in Russia.  Russians look more confident because they get used to such weather tricks and bad work of housing service.  Moreover, steps in buildings can be uneven and there are unexpected changes in level in the floors in some buildings. Watch your step.


2-Explore the city

When you leave your hotel for sightseeing or any other reason, please, don’t forget your id and take a business card from the hotel with you. If you get lost, you could show it to a taxi driver to get home. Police can ask to see your passport at any time. Migration card is important as well. You need to fill it at the airport and keep within the whole stayRussia tour operator in India will share with you all the migration and visa peculiarities before your trip.


3- Cash and carry

Make sure you have coins or enough money with you before you go out. ATM’s may be out of service sometimes or give a high percentage of commission for transaction. It’s quite typical for many small stores or public spots to pay cash only. Also, if you need WC, no credit card options are provided at all.


4-Bad road conditions

Unfortunately, the main problem in Russia is a bad condition of roads. Travelling by car can be problematic between small towns. You may got into a big hole or tire may be burst. The same time, big cities always face a trouble with traffic jams.  If you travel to Moscow, we advise you to take an aeroexpress. It takes 30-40 minutes to get to the city center. If you take a taxi, you may be stuck in a traffic for 7-9 hours.


5- Language

Almost every person from travel department or touristic center speaks English. Nevertheless, all the signs or marks are in Russian. It’s more convenient to familiarize with alphabet and general phrases. Moscow subway only set a  voice information in English between the stations. More tourism friendly atmosphere is in St. Petersburg .  Underground is all signed in the Latin alphabet or in English.  Today many book stores provide guides or lists of useful phrases for tourists.

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