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5 Things I Never Thought I’d see in Russia

All the bookings for our four-day family vacation to Russia were in place. The plan was to spend two days in St. Petersburg and the remaining in Moscow. With two kids in tow, the itinerary was relaxed and consisted mostly of enjoying the slightly chilly weather after the sweltering heat of Delhi. While the usual sights of onion-domed churches, cobbled streets and wedding-cake style buildings soothed our sore eyes, here are things I didn’t quite expect to see to Russia:


1. Street Art

This is not like your graffiti on walls, but actual paintings you would expect to see in a museum. They were scattered around the walls on the street of Moscow. We’d be walking down a normal road and out of nowhere there would be a beauty hanging on the wall. Just like that.


2. The Third deepest Metro Station in the World

Park Pobedy at 84 metres underground is one of the deepest stations in the world and has the longest escalator, equal to 740 steps. I had heard of Russian metro stations being arty and worth a look, but this was something else altogether!

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